Founder Tabitha Sewer is the daughter of a military veteran who proudly served his country for 28+ years in the US Navy.  Tabitha was born in the Philippines and was raised all around the world where she was exposed to and inspired by different cultures and lifestyles.

Shortly after Tabitha was born, her mother decided to follow her dreams of fashion design, so she studied and attended fashion school in her home country; the Philippines.  Tabitha was exposed to fashion illustrations, designing, and sewing at a very young age.

Tabitha loved to travel, so after graduating high school, she joined the U.S. Air Force where she proudly served her country for 10+ years .  While on active duty, she had the pleasure of traveling around the world. Just to name a few, she has visited Germany, France, Spain, Hawaii, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, and the list goes on.  

In 2014, Tabitha was honorably discharged from the US Air Force so she decided to attend school full time and graduated with Bachelor's degree in Business Management. From there she launched her clothing label in her Williamsburg, Virginia home in the Fall of 2014. 




The Creative Process

When creating something, Tabitha creates a story in her mind of who will be wearing her clothes.

"I want women of all ages, young and old, to have the desire to wear my garments.  That's a difficult thing to do in fashion because a lot of young women do not necessarily want to dress like their mothers, but I want to show them that they can put their own twist on my pieces."
Inspiration comes from everywhere. Tabitha gets her inspiration from home decor places she's visited, architecture, and plant life. She is also inspired by her favorite celebrities and on screen actresses. 
Fabrics play a vital in each of her garments. Tabitha meticulously hand picks all of the fabrics that go into each design. She loves bold prints and exciting colors, but it's the textural detail that she adds that gives her garments an extra kick.
" I want women to create an excitement in women. I want women to be excited about the colors and textures in my garments.I want women to be able to complete their outfits with my pieces"

As for the quality of each piece, we want to make sure that we deliver that to each of our customers.  The art of creating quality garments is slowly dying away.  Our society is influenced by fast fashion that is mass produced overseas in unhealthy environments.  We want to keep this art alive so we hand make each garment in the USA. Quality assurance is performed to make sure that each piece is to our standards.