Happy Fall!!! So in honor of our favorite season, we decided to collaborate with some amazing people to bring to you a high fashion version of Alice in Wonderland.  We worked very hard, long hours and we hope that it shows.  Enjoy the photos and please comment below and share our work if you like. 

There is a place like no place on earth. A lnad full of wonder, mystery, and danger. Some say, to survive it, you need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily, I am.
— Alice in Wonderland

Special Thanks the amazing women that made this project possible.

Makeup Artists: Leanna Winston, Marianna Robbins
Models: Christiyanna Hartfield, Jazzmine Gibson, Rose Monroe, Emily Leybold, Hilary Drew, June
Assistants: Lyn Hartfield, Amari Randall
Props: Courtesy of Quirks of Art (Williamsburg, VA) Special Thanks to Kendra!


*All skirts & dresses can be found here on our website.