In the Studio: Limited Edition

A lot of people don't understand the idea behind the Limited Edition (LE) Collection, so allow us to spill the deets.  The design aesthetic of this collection is meant to express the designer’s love of fabric. When the designer travels and sees a fabric she loves, she only orders enough to make a few skirts.  Literally, only a few pieces have been created for each print, so we hope to bring enthusiasm and eagerness when an LE skirt releases.  When we say a few pieces, we really mean that only 5-20 pieces are made in the world and that's it!  Out of the thousands of women that walk around in their fabulous attire, only a few of you will have this amazing skirt in this amazing print.  The best part about it is, the pieces are rare and you can tell your friends that they possibly won't be able to own one because hey, it's limited edition. ;)  And our limited edition skirts go quite fast. They are like special collector items.  As soon as you see it, grab it before it's gone. We get a lot of emails on when we will be restocking certain LE skirts.  We always respond the same way; Sorry, but once it's gone, it's gone. So now that you understand the idea behind this collection, we hope that you grab one as soon as it is announced.


Tabitha SewerComment