In the Studio: Morocco Inspired

Summer is almost here!

This season, I was inspired by Morocco and it's beautiful jewel tones.  To transcend  this beautiful culture into my designs, I decided to incorporate rich, bright colors and beautiful silky fabric.  The skirts this season have a higher-end feel to them because of the Dupioni fabric that was chosen. This fabric has a gorgeous, vibrant sheen to it and a beautiful, rustic texture. The fabric feels amazing on the skin and drapes so nicely. 

I decided to keep this collection small and simple.  I chose three beautiful colors that we asked our social media friends to help us choose and can I say, you ladies picked some amazing colors! So the colors chosen for the Summer Collection was Teal, Cobalt, and Fuchsia.  You will be able to choose between two lengths as well; Mini and/or Midi.

The collection is set to be released this month, so stay tuned.  Feel free to follow us on Instagram (@tjsewercollection) and all other social media sites for behind the scenes and styling photos.