Welcome to TJ Sewer

Hi everyone and Welcome!
We decided to start a small blog to give you guys some insight on what goes on behind the scenes here at TJ Sewer.  We are going to give you some insight on how things are made, fabric shopping, pattern making, and sneak peeks of designs before they are put out. We'll also take a peek at other TJ Sewer team members and give you insight on what they do. We want to open our world to you and welcome you into the TJ Sewer family.  Don't be a stranger. Be sure to stop by every now and then to check out what's new here on the blog.  Meet Tabitha Sewer; Creative Director + Designer. (pictured below) 
Photo Description: Tabitha is creating patterns for the seamstress'  to follow.  All TJ Sewer designs are handmade in the USA.