Out & About: Down South

For those of us that live in colder climates, don't we all wish we can secretly transport ourselves down south for a mini vacay to warm up?

The Pom Pom Midi skirt has been a popular favorite around here. It's a unique, standout piece that belongs in every girls women's closet.  Around here, we call it the party in a skirt because it's such a fun piece.


I loved how January styled the Pm Pom Midi. Many people are fearful of mixing prints and others just don’t know how. When mixing prints, consider the scale and/or the of the prints. She did this perfectly! In this styling, the scale of the print was considered. The pom poms and leopard print are of similar shape and size so they pair well together.


The details in this skirt is impeccable. As soon as I saw the fabric, I dropped everything and bought this imediately. I like “attention-getters”. If it turns heads, I want it! The fabric is amazing quality. Its a medium-weight blend that is fully-lined. Every detail in every one of our pieces are extremely important and I hope that my customers see that.

Special thanks to blogger January Hart for styling our skirt. Check out more details and pictures on her blog.

Tabitha SewerComment