Style Story: Vintage Style

It's that time of year again when the  temperatures are dropping and leaves are falling off the trees. We are forced to go to the back of the closet and pull out all of our cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots.  It's our favorite time of the year.

Maxi Skirt Pairings

In the colder months, do not be afraid to pair your maxi skirts with chunky sweaters. I know a lot of people have a fear of it being to bulky when pulling the look together. I think it adds a softness and cozy feel to the entire look. If you are lucky enough to find a cropped chunky sweater that shows a tiny bit of skin, that’s even better.

What accessories do I need?

In this look, we kept it very simple because we wanted all focus to be on the beautiful amber maxi skirt. For this look, all you need are simple nude heels or flats. In the photo, the model is carrying a vintage wicker luggage. For a wearable look, a cute wicker handbag will give it the vintage-inspired look. For a night out, find a small, beaded clutch at a vintage shop to pull the look together.

What do I look for when choosing a maxi skirt?

When choosing a maxi skirt, be mindful of the fabric choice. You want something made with quality fabric. Something thick enough to keep you warm during the colder months, but also light-weight so that it’s wearable and easy to walk around in. Our maxi skirts have pockets which is great for carrying your credit cards and a lipgloss. Pockets in a skirt is like a dream come true for every woman.


Special thanks to photographer Erika Mills for these breathtaking photos. (

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